November 30, 2022 7:32 AM

Sinclair Awarded Excellence in Construction


Sinclair Construction was honored to receive the ABC of Georgia 2016 Excellence in Construction Award for Stealth.  The EIC competition showcases the most outstanding projects built by ABC members.   Stealth was nothing short of outstanding and the collaboration of all the parties involved proved to be a vital part of its success.  We extend our greatest appreciation to the members of Stealth: Formations Studio, Cousins Properties, Uzun + Case, Thomas Concrete and Cherokee Pumping.  Without their dedication and enthusiasm Stealth would have not had the success and recognition it has received thus far.

Sinclair Construction Group also received a Merit award for The Delta Sky Club project, which sits high atop Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.  The complexity and obvious challenges of working right in the middle of Delta Airlines busiest concourse in the world proved to be quite the accomplishment in itself.

Sinclair’s dedication to Safety and Awareness has also earned a Diamond STEP award as well as the Georgia Safety Award of Excellence, which is based on lost time and DART rates.  The 2016 Excellence in Construction (EIC) awards competition took place at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, press release can be found here 2016-EIC-NewsRelease.

Sinclair Stealth Awarded Excellence in Construction
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Sinclair Construction Safety and Excellence Award



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