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Sinclair Awarded 2nd MEGASLAB™ AI Job by Wagner CAT


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Sinclair Awarded 2nd Job by Wagner CAT as MEGASLAB™ Authorized Installer

Sinclair Construction Group provides a custom solution for Heavy Equipment Dealer Wagner CAT in Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, NM (Dec 2019) – Sinclair Construction Group has been awarded the job as MEGASLAB™ Authorized Installer for the second time by Wagner CAT; one of the nation’s largest Heavy Equipment Dealers. Wagner called upon Sinclair once again, as one of the Nation’s only MEGASLAB™ Authorized Installers, and due to the solid performance of the Concrete Construction at their existing facility in Aurora, Colorado, for which Sinclair did a highly successful pavement replacement earlier this year. Wagner CAT chose Sinclair Construction Group for their ability to provide a solution to this Heavy Equipment dealer, that only MEGASLAB™ could deliver.

The task: deliver a 305,215 SF exterior slab able to withstand the daily thrashings of a Heavy Equipment dealer facility that could also hold up to the rigors and brutality (for concrete) of your average year in Albuquerque, New Mexico. That is, as an extreme environment of 5% relative humidity, extreme heat, extreme cold, large temperature fluctuations within a 24-hour day, and high winds. Sinclair Construction Group has presented Wagner CAT with a solution that will withstand the pounding of the Heavy Equipment, as well as the native environment, and that alone has both Wagner, and the NM Construction Industry watching this project’s Exterior Concrete Construction very closely.

The Concrete Construction Industry has struggled to deliver any solution to the Heavy Equipment Industry that can provide a durable, lasting slab even when the construction conditions are in favor of the Installer. Jason Adams, fully recognizing this challenge stated, “This will truly be the testing groud for MEGASLAB™ and Sinclair as an Authorized Installer. You’ve got nothing working for you here; not while we prepare the ground, or pour the concrete. However, based on what I now know about MEGASLAB™ and have seen it be capable of on other jobs such as SAFstor in Atlanta, GA I am convinced this will live up to the hype because it is not hype- it’s years of engineering, science, chemistry, and testing. This is not traditional concrete; it’s a completely new invention- a technology that can deliver for our client, Wagner CAT!


MEGASLAB™ was conceived by CEO Jason Adams and Sylvester Schmidt, a world-renowned expert in concrete technology.  The development of MEGASLAB is the culmination of their tireless pursuit to reinvent concrete, improving the industry for the next generation. MEGASLAB’s patent-pending concrete formula marries sophisticated nanotechnology with proprietary admixtures to create an impermeable jointless slab, eliminating the need for rebar and control joints, which drastically reduces installation and maintenance costs. For more information visit

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