November 30, 2022 8:10 AM

Sinclair Selected as MEGASLAB™ Authorized Installer for Upcoming Lawrenceville Facility


Sinclair Construction Group: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

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Sinclair Awarded Job for Foundation Technologies in Lawrenceville, GA as MEGASLAB™ Authorized Installer

Sinclair Construction Group provides a custom solution for Foundation Technologies: a 70k+ SF slab

Lawrenceville, Ga. (November 2018) – Sinclair Construction Group has been awarded a Concrete Construction job for Foundation Technologies in Lawrenceville, GA. As Atlanta GA’s only MEGASLAB™ Authorized Installer, Sinclair is tasked with delivering a slab for this massive tilt-up building. If successful, this will also prove that the MEGASLAB® slab system is compatible with tilt and can be used as a casting bed.

Because MEGASLAB™ as new technology is able to outperform traditional concrete, Jason Adams, owner of Sinclair asked to comment on further details of this seemingly traditional project. “When it comes to how MEGASLAB™ performs, we can do amazing things. On this project, we plan to pour single panels in excess of 160′ totally jointless. This is typically unheard of! At the end of this, I’m confident we’ll break some kind of record on how few joints are required for this size of a building. Our focus of course, is a quality product for this client; but as a result, MEGASLAB™ will inevitably provide more- way more than just a good, durable, top-quality slab. We’ll reduce CO2, rebar, joints, and of course maintenance and headache for the client.”


MEGASLAB™ was conceived by CEO Jason Adams and Sylvester Schmidt, a world-renowned expert in concrete technology.  The development of MEGASLAB is the culmination of their tireless pursuit to reinvent concrete, improving the industry for the next generation. MEGASLAB’s patent-pending concrete formula marries sophisticated nanotechnology with proprietary admixtures to create an impermeable jointless slab, eliminating the need for rebar and control joints, which drastically reduces installation and maintenance costs. For more information visit

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