February 22, 2024 10:08 AM

Sinclair Awarded Job: SAIA, Cinnaminson, NJ


Sinclair CG Bid Won SAIA Cinnaminson NJ

Sinclair Construction Group: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


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Concrete Construction in Cinnaminson NJ for SAIA

Concrete Construction in Cinnaminson NJ: Sinclair Construction Group Awarded Job by D.F. Chase

Cinnaminson, New Jersey (March 2017) – Sinclair Construction Group has been awarded the concrete scope at SAIA LTL Freight’s Cinnaminson, New Jersey location. Scope will include demo of existing concrete apron, footing installation, CIP walls, and slab/pavement pourbacks.

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With over 1 million square feet of concrete foundations and flatwork under our belt, we are proud to provide our valuable clients with the best concrete construction available. However, we are constantly finding ways to improve our processes, create safer work environments and provide our crews with the latest equipment and tools available. The bottom line is this – we invest in our people first. Because when they’re happy, our clients are very happy. For more information visit www.sinclaircg.com.

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