While many commercial concrete construction companies claim to offer mass concrete paving, there are only a handful that fully understand the logistics of this scalable, large-format service. Once a project begins, the last thing any GC needs is a concrete construction company that fails to provide a service due to budgetary limitations, crew limitations or overextension. Sinclair Construction Group prides itself on confidently offering mass concrete paving as one of our primary services since our inception. Just ask our clients at Averitt Express, Wal-Mart Blue Ridge, Wal-Mart East PointWal-Mart Cumming and Werner Enterprises.

Sinclair Construction Group is a full service commercial concrete contractor with the knowledge, experience and bandwidth needed to take on almost any sized concrete construction job. We carry $10M in insurance coverage, and have the necessary bonding capacity along with multi-state capability. Our experience and performance in commercial concrete construction have paved the way for significant company growth as well as the creation of new job opportunities in the state of Georgia.

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An experienced and fully badge workforce goes and lays out grooved airport paving that has better traction, lower maintenance cost, and higher life expectancy and can spread the load out a significant distance to reduce the loads to the underlying soils.

Big Ticket Retail

Structures designed with the general public in mind – large foundations, framed formwork, with specific brand codes and plans to create a uniform and recognizable retail space.


Total installation of a reliable, flat, and smooth concrete floor or restoration services pertaining to cracks and/or re-stabilizing using grinding/cleaning techniques and slab overlays.

Manufacturing Facilities

Large square foot wide open warehouse spaces with trowel finished floors that exceed slab flatness and f-numbers (Ff/Fl).

Distribution Centers

Facility that is usually smaller than a firm’s main warehouse and is used for receipt, temporary storage, and redistribution of goods according to the customer orders as they are received.