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As Sinclair Construction Company continues to grow, so do our service offerings. We appreciate the need for an experienced concrete contractor that understands all facets of any given job. Our clients rest easy knowing they are working with a uniquely qualified concrete contractor that also has experience in select demolition, grading, utilities, drainage, concrete paving and site lighting to name a few. Working with Sinclair Construction Group for your full site redevelopment needs will also keep costs down.

Sinclair Construction Group is a full service commercial concrete contractor with the knowledge, experience and bandwidth needed to take on almost any sized concrete construction job. We carry $10M in insurance coverage, and have the necessary bonding capacity along with multi-state capability. Our experience and performance in commercial concrete construction have paved the way for significant company growth as well as the creation of new job opportunities in the state of Georgia.

Site Redevelopment

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Site Redevelopment Construction

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Site excavating of spoils, placed in trucks, and hauled off site (or brought in) depending on existing conditions.

Concrete pole base for CREE LED or other site lighting being careful to work around existing utilities, if necessary.

Ensuring a level base or specified slope regarding foundations and footings, slope terracing and stabilizing, aesthetic contouring, and directing surface runoff drainage of storm water and domestic/irrigation runoff flows. Finished contouring using a motor grader.

Preventing or controlling wind or water erosion in the construction process using techniques that eliminate water pollution, and soil loss in areas including; soil stabilization practices, limited grading, mulch, temporary or permanent cover, compost application, and construction phasing. Analyze water flow, drainage, and soil conditions.

Determining benchmark elevation, X, Y, and Z coordinates. Staking for grading operations and curb and gutter. Locating for proper utility placement.

Subsurface scanning and coring using the latest in ground penetrating technology to provide information on existing utilities that may prevent hassles/hazards during the construction process.

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