Project Description

Project: Terminus Intersection
Contractor: DPR/Hardin
Owner: Crescent Terminus Ventures LLC
Location: Atlanta, GA

Located in the heart of Buckhead which sees a constant flow of foot and automobile traffic, an intersection at Terminus Place was failing and the existing pavers were sinking. Sinclair Construction was called in to help remediate the problem.

Sinclair Construction demoed and hauled away 14” of reinforced concrete that surrounded the damaged area, then excavated the unsuitable soils down 4’ before backfilling, placing and compacting stone, and installing a double mat of #6 Rebar in 5,000 PSI Concrete. Installation of Pavestone Zurich stone and City stone where used to match the existing crosswalk areas.

All work was completed over one weekend and within daytime restrictions so as not to disrupt the condominiums, local businesses or traffic congestion.