November 30, 2022 8:30 AM

Sinclair Construction Group Selected as MEGASLAB™ Authorized Installer


Sinclair Construction Group: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

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MEGASLAB™ Launches Ai Program, Selects Sinclair as First ‘Ai’ (Authorized Installer)

MEGASLAB features ground-breaking technology to create an impermeable jointless slab

Atlanta, Ga. (October 17, 2018) – Sinclair Construction Group has announced their new status as a MEGASLAB™ Authorized Installer of the Jointless Concrete Technology. The patent-pending formula in MEGASLAB features ground-breaking technology paired with powerful admixtures that create an incredibly dense and impermeable slab, eliminating the need for installing control joints and their associated costs, as well as exceeding any C02 reduction seen in the industry.

Because control joints lead to costly challenges like curling and spalling, slabs with control joints require more maintenance and upkeep, often leading to ongoing equipment repair, and reduced productivity. Traditional concrete slabs that include rebar and control joints also greatly limit the ability to develop and place the most optimized racking and robotic schematics. MEGASLAB is a complete concrete system that utilizes sophisticated nanotechnology paired with a proprietary blend of durable and flexible admixtures. The result is an impermeable jointless slab with exceptional tensile strength and durability for the heaviest loads and equipment.

According to Jason Adams, CEO of MEGASLAB, “I am confident that in due time MEGASLAB™ will revolutionize the concrete construction industry. The team I have brought together includes renowned industry experts, and through extensive testing and field validation, we’ve developed a world-class concrete product with leading-edge innovation. I am so confident in the performance of MEGASLAB™ that I am offering an industry-first 10-year warranty.”

The introduction of MEGASLAB has been creating some buzz in the industry, with many interested in its application. A major installation is planned for October, with additional projects forecasted before the end of the year. MEGASLAB is a game changer for industries such as logistics, industrial, food/beverage, aviation, automatic storage & retrieval systems (ASRS), robotics, and many others.


MEGASLAB™ was conceived by CEO Jason Adams and Sylvester Schmidt, a world-renowned expert in concrete technology.  The development of MEGASLAB is the culmination of their tireless pursuit to reinvent concrete, improving the industry for the next generation. MEGASLAB’s patent-pending concrete formula marries sophisticated nanotechnology with proprietary admixtures to create an impermeable jointless slab, eliminating the need for rebar and control joints, which drastically reduces installation and maintenance costs. For more information visit

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