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Hardscape Concrete Construction

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Aside from our extensive mass concrete paving, site redevelopment and concrete foundation work, Sinclair Construction Group also offers commercial concrete hardscape services. Our attention to detail and integrity allow us to offer this often difficult yet aesthetically pleasing service. We hire the most skilled team members and experts in their trade which is why we are proud to offer this highly decorative and detail-oriented service. A few examples of our Hardscape work can be found at Terminus IntersectionWalMart Stamped ConcreteMt. Pisgah and The Westin Perimeter.

Sinclair Construction Group is a full service commercial concrete contractor with the knowledge, experience and bandwidth needed to take on almost any sized concrete construction job. We carry $10M in insurance coverage, and have the necessary bonding capacity along with multi-state capability. Our experience and performance in commercial concrete construction have paved the way for significant company growth as well as the creation of new job opportunities in the state of Georgia.

Hardscape Concrete Construction

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Hardscape Concrete Construction

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Paved walkways for pedestrians that are typically 4” thick and between 4’ and 5’ wide with a broom finish to prevent a slick surface when wet.

Structures designed to restrain soil or other environmental elements to resist the lateral pressure when there is a desired change in ground elevation. Gravity, Piling, Cantilever (Basement), and Anchored walls are all types of CIP Retaining walls.

Commonly used to upgrade the look of patios, sidewalks, driveways, and pool decks and at affordable price, stamped concrete is patterned, textured, embossed and/or colored to resemble brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile, etc.

Strong, durable, environmentally friendly, concrete pavers are more affordable than stone, more colorful than brick, and more durable than asphalt, and they are easy to install and fix. Can be used in hardscaping for homes and commercial buildings, and more durable ones can even be utilized for auto traffic.

Concrete masonry product simulating natural cut stone, used in architectural applications like trim, or ornament, for facing buildings or other structures.

Either in boulder form for landscape aesthetics or in the form of #57 stone – a medium sized gravel that is gray in color and used for drainage, erosion control, and as a subgrade under slabs.

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